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    Career Option - Fisheries Science
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    Fisheries, as the name suggests is an organized effort which is related to the capturing of fish including inland and sea or other aquatic species. This industry involves catching, processing, marketing and conservation of fish. Fisheries Science is an academic discipline of managing and understanding fisheries. This is a multidisciplinary subject that includes the biological study of life, habits and breeding of various species of fish. It also involves farming and husbandry of important fishes and aquatic organisms in fresh water, brackish water and any marine environment. Fisheries aims at developing and maintaining sea wealth. Fisheries are estimated to provide 16% of the world population's protein and India holds the seventh position in the world as regards to the value of fish exports. Around 8 million people of India are directly or indirectly dependent on the fisheries sector. The rapidly developing fishery industry, provides employment not only to the traditional fishermen, but also to the highly skilled personnel engaged in the scientific breeding and management of fisheries. The scope in the field of fishery science is increasing with the development of brackish water and freshwater aquaculture. Because of the country's expansive natural resources, dynamic entrepreneurial skills, this profession is advantageous to the Indian economy also.

    A career in fisheries science can create an aqua culturist, farm managers, exporters, traders, breeders and modern fishermen's, etc. The main objective of fisheries science is to make available the much needed technically competent extension personnel for transfer of technology. It helps a person to assist the research and development; to develop and execute fisheries development plan.

    Eligibility :Fisheries Science can be studied at the graduate and postgraduate level

    Job Prospectus and Career Options : Fishery Science offers numerous career avenues. Fisheries graduates can find employment in the public sector.

    Remuneration :

     Remunerations in this field vary widely, depending on the area of specialization chosen. In the private sector one may start with an initial salary range of Rs 6,000-8,000 per month. But in the government sector's, the salary range may be different but it offer stability.

     In this field, research positions are more lucrative but these are usually reserved for doctorate holders with experience.


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